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Soft Launching of Startup Entrepreneurship

This programme is designed to educate, potential entrepreneurs through course work, workshops, guidance and mentorship on how to develop ideas into a viable product or service , development, source funding either from venture capitalists or equity investors , market research and commercialization into a successful venture.

Over the millennia, advancements in technology has heralded the transformation of economic activities, the way we work and live and how we socialise.

The invention of steam engine transformed the transport of goods across borders and seas. Electrification resulted in mass production of goods through assembly type production. Internet eased communication. Telecommunication technology, semiconductor capacity, mobile applications ,increased connectivity  are all behind the digital revolution comprising internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and etc. We are now witnessing the development of the digital economy.

Digitalization has transformed the world in a myriad of ways and the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated further the process. The buzz word now is new normal as one analyst said, we are involved in a transition to allow new ways to phase in business as usual business phase out.

Digital photography has displaced Kodak and polaroid. Internet has displaced fax. Streaming services saw the disappearance of record storms and the possible phasing out of theatres. Uber has revolutionized transport services, the provision of transport services without owning any vehicles. The digital economy is dramatically doing away with real life retail and the downsizing of brick and mortar stores.

Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the process further. It has led to the inevitability of working from home, learning from home through online classes, medical consultancy and treatment through telehealth without the need to go to hospitals or clinics unless absolutely necessary like surgeries and specialized care.

Digitalization, concern for climate change, environmental pollution and degradation and the need for sustainable living , green technology, electrification of vehicles, auto industry transition initially toward semi-autonomous and eventually self-driving technology opens up to the potentiality of new industries and services .

Innovation and creativity have been the backbone of entrepreneurial start ups that are transforming and revolutionizing the way we work and live and it will continue to spur numerous new opportunities for entrepreneurial startups.

Our community need to seize the moment, learn and cultivate the knowledge and skill sets to embark on this challenging journey

I am honored that PERMIM has been given the opportunity to nurture young Muslims to be involved in the field of innovation, creativity, and development of potential start ups that could transform the economy, environment, the quality of life.


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Knowing Us

To provide constructive support and assistance to national programmes which focuses on nation-building.



PERMIM was established in 1973.It is part of an Umbrella body of 40 affiliates (Associations) from all around Malaysia. It was recognized by the government as a NGO representative for Indian Muslims.


How We Help

The aims and objectives of PERMIM are to envisage, organise and carry out activity or activities that aim to promote the religious, social, economic, educational and cultural well-being of its members.


Education Fund

The establishment of the PERMIM Education Fund Board was very timely, given government’s financial constraints at that time. PERMIM is well positioned to reach out and help the needy and deserving students.


To be the premier non-governental organization (NGO) to articulate the aspirations and rights of the Indina Muslim community in Malaysia


To unite the community by bringing all Indian Muslim Organizations under one umbrella Federation

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