For the first time since its inception in 1973, PERMIM would be having its  19th Biennial Delegates Conference  under a new government . For the first time in our country’s history since independence people have united across racial lines to bring about a peacefull  change of government through democratic means. It has been heralded as second independence for the country.

In welcoming the change of government PERMIM in its facebook wall posted the following message:

May it bring about an end to  abuse of power, mismanagement, corruption, kleptocracy, and herald a fresh beginning to the strengthening of institutions, separation of power, independence of judiciary, transparency , accountability and above all greater democracy and freedom.

PERMIM hopes that under the leadership of YAB Tun Dr. Mohamad, Malaysia Baru will regain its former glory as Asian Tiger and bring about a brighter future for all Malaysians including minorities like us.

PERMIM was formed with the express intention of being the parent body of all Indian Muslim NGOs in the country and to be the premier non governmental organization to articulate the aspirations and rights of the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia.

It has been playing its role by engaging with the government of the day in articulating the aspirations and needs of the community.The major issues which we have been championing for more than a decade are as follows:

To recognise the Indian Muslim community as Bumiputera and to study implementation methodoly including gazetting our community as Bumiputera
To appoint a Special Officer, from the community, in the Prime Minister’s Department to handle matters affecting the community
To allot land and build a Heritage Centre
To provide an annual grant to fund the various social, educational and entrepreneurship programmes.
The government of the day on various occasions have promised to implement our requests but we have yet to see light of the day on these issues.

We maybe the only community in this country which had yet to receive any funding for our programmes and community development. It is the  fervent hope of the community that the present administration in the spirit of Malaysia Baru and a more equitable and fair treatment of the minortity community would not only look into our requests but take steps to implement them.

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