Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Supreme Authority is vested with Delegates Conference which consist of Affiliates Delegates, Branch Delegates and Members Delegates and Members Executive Council. Affiliates, Branches and Members Delegates are elected biennially

Biennial Delegate Conference shall be held not later than 27 months from last Delegates Conference. All Executive Council members and Delegates are entitled to vote at Biennial Delegates Conference

The Executive Council consist of President , Deputy President , 5 Vice Presidents, a General Secretary, 3 Assistant Gen Secretary , a Treasurer and Assistant treasurer and 5 appointed members who will be elected at Biennial Delegate Conference. Each Affiliate and Branch is entitled to appoint a Representative each for the Executive Council. Executive Council shall meet at least once in 4 months to over see day to day activities of Federation and implement Delegates Conference decisions.

The Executive Committee will be set up at first meeting of the Executive Council and will comprise the President, Deputy President ,the Gen Secretary, three Assistant Secretaries, the Treasure, one Assistant treasurer and 5 other members appointed and will be subservient to the Executive Council

Three Trustees are appointed at Biennial Delegate Conference and shall hold office during pleasure of Federation. All property of Federation will be vested in them through Trust deed executed.

Hj. Dhajudeen Bin Shahul Hameed

Deputy President
Shaik Faridhudheen Bin Anverdeen

Vice President 1
Dato. Hj. Haja Najmudeen B. Abdul Kader

Vice President 2
Mohamed Azman Shah Bin Mohd Shahul Hameed

Vice President 3
Hamid Jafarulla Bin Ahmad Jalaldin

Vice President 4
Zabarulla Bin Hanifah

Vice President 5
Rahmathulla Bin Abdul Kader

General Secretary
Mohamed Azrin Bin Anver Ali

Assistant General Secretary 1
Mohd Anuar Ali Bin Mohamed Jalali

Assistant General Secretary 2
Mohamed Rizwan Bin Abdul Ghafoor

Assistant General Secretary 3
Mohamed Hassan Bin Habibu Rahiman

Kaliruzzaman Bin Amanullah

Assistant Treasurer
Nizam Shah Bin Allabasc

Committee Members

  1. Mohamed Arib Bin Aliah
  2. Mohammed Azmi Bin Sathakutulah
  3. Dato Seri Ahamed Jalaludeen Bin Sayed Ali
  4. Amir Deen Bin Kadai
  5. Syed Mohamad Bin Mohideen Thaha
  6. Mohamad Sediq Bin Mohamed Sultan
  7. Mohamed Arifin bin Mohd Yonus

Executive Secretary
Saira Banu