Protest Against Indian Government Repeal of Article 370 – In Solidarity with Kashmir

We, the undersigned, register our strongest condemnation to the recent repeal of the Articl 370 of the Indian Constitution that abolished the special status of Kashmir. The repeal is illegal and it is a betrayal to the 7 million residents in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

This is completely an annexation of Kashmir which aims to take over the disputed territory which is against the UN resolution. We condemn this unilateral decision by the Indian government which will have dire ramification on the stability of the region.

We demand:

  1. The repeal of Article 370 must be withdrawn and reinstalled until a negotiation with the Kashmiri representatives is engaged. The unilateral decision involving the future of a disputed territory is unacceptable. All decisions must refer back to the UN resolution adopted on the Kashmir issue.
  2. The immediate withdrawal of the lockdown of the IOK and pull back the troops from the territory.
  3. All communications that have been blocked must be resumed. The indian government has no right to block communication lines that has rendered difficulties for the livelihood of the civilians.
  4. All Kashmir politicians arrested by the Indian authorities must be released. Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik who has been incarcerated and denied of medical treatment must be released immediately.
  5. The delayed plebiscite to allow the people of Kashmir to decide their future must be implemented and supervised by the UN.
  6. Stop the attrocities on the Kashmir civilians and investigate all the prepetrators of brutality by the Indian occupying troops and bring them to the court of law.
  7. Restore the Kashmiri’s democratic rights and allow political dissident to voice their views without been threatened by the Indian authorities under the pretext of security.
  8. Allow the UN, the international media, International Red Cross and Red Crescent full access to Kashmir now.
  9. The 24 hours curfew now enforced in the disputed territory must be revoked and the civilians especially the underprivileged groups must be allowed to have access to basic needs.

We endorse the statement by the Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who call for peaceful negotiation and consultation between India and Pakistan.


President MAPIM

Coordinator Malaysian Action Group in Solidarity with Kashmir

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