With respect to the wealthy, Imam Ghazali said, “Some of them are proud because they are able to build mosques, religious schools (madrasah), bridges and the like, with their names inscribed on them. They thought that by doing so, they would be entitled to forgiveness from God, while conveniently forgetting that some of their properties were acquired from illicit sources. They have been deceived because what is important is not to build buildings and structures, but to avoid the forbidden (the haram). Thus, their acts are considered as vices.”

Imam Ghazali continued, “Even if they use lawful properties, they may be misguided with respect to their intentions, for in actuality they invest for the sake of fame with vested interest. Some of them are proud when they are able to beautify mosques with various decorations, although that amount of money should have been spent to help the poor. They are misguided by their own deeds. Some of them even spend their wealth to perform Haj and Umrah almost yearly, although it is much better to use them money to help those in need.”

– Extracted from 7 Formulas of Excellent Individuals by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin

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